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Birds create nests in the empty places of your premises at heights. They also carry fleas, ticks, bugs, and other harmful pests with them. Such insects carry numerous diseases that can be passed on to you and your loved ones. DIY methods are much more accessible but they don’t provide long-lasting, safe, and effective results. So, when it comes to bird removal service at your home or business place, Pest Control Bayswater is the one you can completely trust to remove birds from your Bayswater property. 

Our Bird Removal Bayswater team consists of professionals and with their knowledge and experience of birds found all over Bayswater, they not only keep the birds away from your area but also provide the understanding related to bird proofing your houses or business. With customized treatment options we make your place protected from the invasion of birds. We offer a wide range of tested solutions to remove birds that cater to various types of birds depending upon the extent of an infestation and the size of the area. So, why wonder? Give us a call on 0875629433 and talk to our customer representatives for more information.

Is Bird Proofing A Good Option?

Bird proofing means using visual, physical, and auditory obstacles to prevent them from nesting on your premises. When birds nest in your places, they create a nuisance that may lead to serious health, financial, legal, and safety problems. So, stopping their access to the sites where they nest is the most effective way to prevent a serious bird problem. We use bird proofing mesh methods depending upon the situation and the level of infestation. We also install bird deterrents for gardens as birds generally make nests outdoors like under trees. Some of our bird proofing methods include:-

  • Bird Spikes: Bird spikes look dangerous and harmful to birds thereby preventing them from invading your property. We usually use this tactic when a large surface is to be covered and is mostly used in urban areas. 
  • Bird Netting: It works best in preventing the birds from accessing roof areas and building nests. We generally use this method when the size of the area to treat is large. In addition, our exterminators also ensure that the size of the gap in the net must be specific to a particular kind of bird.
  • Bird Wire: It is an invisible hindrance that stops birds from landing on shelves. This method can also be used as a replacement for spikes. 
  • Avi Shock: As the name suggests, we install this system to give a shock to birds when they come in contact with your area. It does not harm the bird physically, but it creates a psychological hindrance that prevents them from invading your premises.
  • Bird Repellent Gel: There are mainly two types of repellent gels, one is with active ingredients and the other is without. Gels having active ingredients utilize ultraviolet rays so that the birds think that the building is on fire. On the other hand, gels without active ingredients are sticky which birds don’t like. Its stickiness prevents them from moving freely.

Signs Of Bird Infestation

Your business or home can make a perfect habitat for the bests as it offers them water, food, shelter, and a place to perch. Once they convert your property into their homes, it becomes very challenging to get rid of them. Thus, identifying the signs of bird infestation and taking immediate solutions can highly reduce the time required to effectively control the birds. Below is the list of some warning signals which indicates that it’s time to seek a professional:-

  • Birds settling on your selves and roofs.
  • Continuous bird noises, especially of young chicks.
  • Nesting material is scattered in or around your property.
  • Stock damaged due to birds pecking and fouling.
  • Dropping in areas where birds settle.
  • Debris from bird’s feathers and nests can block the drainage systems eventually leading to damp damage. 
  • Your property is at risk if you are located near a food source e.g. cafe or restaurant.

Look At The Process We Follow To Bird Proof A Property

Bird Removal Bayswater experts create personalized treatment plans for your premises based on the inspection results. The tailored plan contains the method of treatment, time duration of the service, results expected, and much more. Moreover, it will also provide you with information regarding the need for following any particular treatment plan. Our professionals communicate the customized treatment plan to you before starting working on it. Thus, they make sure that you always get transparency in service from our side. Below are the steps we generally follow in bird proofing your premises:-

  • Inspection Of The Property: Every bird removal service begins with an in-depth inspection of your property. Our experts use their knowledge to figure out the cause and extent of the infestation. They visually try to identify the bird’s behaviour so as to recognize the species.
  • Use Of Nets And Bird Deterrents: After identifying the species of bird in question, our professionals start the treatment by physically exterminating them using nets and other bird barriers.
  • Use Of Spikes: If birds nest under basements or chimneys, we release them on-site in case the entrance has been properly secured. For persistent and larger birds, we apply various advanced techniques simultaneously like mylar tape, spikes, scare tactics, etc.
  • Follow-up Checking: Once the bird species and nest are removed successfully, our specialists seal up the gaps and openings, if any. Moreover, our team also cleans bird messes and sanitizes that area to ensure the safety of our clients. Thus, our main objective is to make your property unattractive to birds. 

Cost Of Bird Proofing Your Premises In Bayswater

A Bird removal expert can determine the cost of service only after a thorough inspection of your premises. You can book a slot with us, our pest control professionals will visit you shortly. They will inspect your property and provide you with the exact cost of bird proofing roof. The price of treatment generally depends on the size of the area attacked by birds, the extent of the infestation, and the effort and time required to clean and sanitize your property. 

Why Choose Us As Your Bird Removal Specialist in Bayswater?

We are a bird pest control company providing quality services and have a loyal customer base. Following are the reasons why you must choose us:-

  • Reliable and efficient pigeon pest control service
  • Licensed and fully insured bird removalists
  • Multiple years of experience 
  • Competitive bird nest removal costs
  • 24/7 bookings available
  • Friendly and experienced bird removalists
  • Same/next day bird control services
  • Upfront quotes
  • Good track record
  • Use of latest procedures
  • Safe and eco-friendly products
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What to do if a bird is stuck in my building?

Open your doors and windows so that they can fly away. In case, it is unable to pass, don’t panic and contact a professional bird pest control company to do this task for you.

Do birds carry diseases?

Yes, of course. Birds transmit approximately 60 different types of diseases to human beings.

Do your methods harm birds?

No, our aim is to find the best and most environment-friendly method of controlling and removing pest birds.

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