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Are you worried about possums attacking your homes in Bayswater? Our professionals will take care of it. Possums come in different shapes and sizes. But they have few things in common as pests. All possums growl and hiss in defence. They start living in the attics, garages and gardens. And catching them is a great task. 

Hence, Pest Control Bayswater is at your rescue. We are a large team of possum removal Bayswater professionals. Completely dedicated to safe possum removal near you. Hence, if you want to get rid of possum pests from your property. Call us on 0875629433

How To Identify Different Types Of Possums?

Australia is a home to different species of possums. Hence, to understand and treat possum infestation safely. It is important to identify the type of possums residing at your place. 

  • Common Brushtail Possum 

This possum’s identification is its furry tail. It is also the second-largest possum in Australia. Its colour fur ranges from silver, and gold to black. It has a pointed face with a pink coloured nose. Moreover, it has long oval-shaped ears. They can be found in tropical areas and near eucalyptus trees. 

  • Common Ringtail Possum

This possum has a specific identification – it has a curled tail that helps them climb up a tree. This possum ranges from grey to dark grey. And has a white colour at the end of its tail and belly. Also, they feed on herbs, fruits and flowers. And is quite sociable. 

  • Pygmy Possum 

They are small in size and weigh around 15-45 grams. Males are larger compared to females. They have big eyes and short round ears. And they feed on insects, fruits and seeds. They are of two types – mountain pygmy possums and eastern pygmy possums. 

  • Honey Possum

This possum’s identification is that it feeds on pollen and nectar. It is commonly found in Southwest Australia. And is also known as Noolberger. 

The Process Of Removing Possums From Your Property 

  • The first step always included making a quick appointment. And deciding the date for possum removal. 
  • Next, the team will arrive at your place. And inspect the property thoroughly. Our possum removal Bayswater professionals will discover the type of possum residing at your property. Also, the number of possums involved. And the damage that they have caused. 
  • Once we identify all the entry points of the possums. We attach specifically designed cages to catch them. Furthermore, we install baits like fruits inside the cage. This will attract the possum and trap them. Therefore, this is a humane possum removal service available in Bayswater. 
  • Other entry points that are not being used are sealed for time being. This is done using a mesh, metal sheet or other material. Our professionals will do multiple visits to your property. 
  • Once all the possums are captured safely. We discard the possum at least 25 miles or 50 metres away from your place. This will keep the possums in a safe place. As well as will keep your family safe from them. 
  • Lastly, our possum removal Bayswater team will install a few possum prevention techniques around your property. 

How To Identify Trapped Possums In The Cage? 

  • Trapped possums might get violent to defend themselves. Hence, they make hissing or growling noises. As they have a wide range of vocalisation. Or sometimes even scratching noises. 
  • Mother possums make lip-smacking noises. As a chance to call their babies near them. 
  • Hence, if you are noticing such sounds and odours near you. Chances are you have a trapped possum somewhere. And you can call a possum removal Bayswater professional to transfer them to a safer place.  

The Importance Of Possum Removal Services 

  • Possums are not usually dangerous. But can be deadly if provoked in any form. They might hurt you in defence and can cause extensive damage. 
  • Firstly, if you have pets at home. Then it is best to get a regular possum inspection and removal service. As possums can cause a great disturbance to the pets. 
  • Secondly, possums can mess up your property. They tend to look for food in the garbage. And can cause a mess all around the property. 
  • They leave behind their droppings everywhere. And release a pungent odour. Moreover, they also carry parasites as well as other diseases. 
  • Hence, to keep your pets, kids and yourselves safe. Regular possum pest control and inspection are necessary. It will also keep your gardens safe. 
  • Lastly, dead possums are a threat to everyone around. Hence, contact your nearby local possum removal Bayswater professionals for more details. 

How Can Our Professional Services Help In Keeping Possums Away From Your Property In Bayswater?

  • Emergency Possum Removal Services – Looking for emergency professional possum removal services in Bayswater? Our possum catchers can help you. In cases like dead possums, it is considered an emergency. And should be treated immediately.
  • Residential Possum Removal Services – Are you experiencing possum pest infestation in your household? Try out our residential possum removal services. With a combination of safety and integrity. We perform the best possum removal services in Bayswater. 
  • Commercial Possum Removal Services – Moreover, our services are also available for commercial areas. For example, offices, restaurants, stores, malls and others. We have a systematic procedure for possum removal. Hence, you can trust us with your property. 
  • General Possum Inspection Services – The first step towards any pest removal is inspection. This helps the professionals understand what they are dealing with. And analyse the best treatment for the specific possum problem. Call us today on our toll-free number. And book your general possum inspection plan. 

The Dead Possum Removal Service We Provide 

Dead possums are a major issue. It is common for possums to die in the attics or roofs. Hence, they develop this bad stink with time. And can also spread deadly diseases. This is the reason behind dead possums being dangerous. And should not be left unattended in homes or yards. Moreover, the definite sign behind a dead possum is the unpleasant stench. 

Therefore, once you spot a dead possum. Call a dead possum removal professional immediately. And avoid going near the dead possum. Our professionals will discard the possum smoothly. And will disinfect the area as well. 

Why Hire Our Possum Removal Services In Bayswater?

  • Our possum removal company uses eco-friendly possum removal methods. It is safe for kids and pets as well.
  • We are an affordable possum removal Bayswater company. All our services are of top – quality at a reasonable possum removal cost
  • Furthermore, our possum removal professionals are certified. Hence, you can trust our professionals. 
  • We have the best local possum removal professionals here in Bayswater.
  • Lastly, we also take care of emergencies. Hence, we have services like same day possum removal service. 
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What damage can possums do to my roof?

Firstly, they can urinate and leave behind stains. Secondly, they can get stuck in the wires and cause damage to lights. Moreover, sometimes possums cause fire hazards. 

Do lights or camphor help in keeping the possums away in Bayswater?

No, there is no proof regarding possums getting away due to lights or camphor. 

Are your services and possum removal experts insured?

Yes, all our possum removal professionals are insured. And will comprehensively discard the possums from your place. 

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